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Interact-TV, Incorporated (OTC: ITVI) Interact-TV is a multifaceted multi-media development company. Interact-TV ,through subsidiaries such as Viscount Media Trust and Pocket Kid Records, has already entered into the record production and distribution market , and is currently developing its business plan to enter into film and digital production and distribution, software development and distribution for the video game industry, book publishing and distribution, as well as pursuing the development and acquisition of other multi media projects and companies.

Visit POCKET KIDS RECORDS! (Distributed by InGrooves Fontana – First release was released in April 2012). See what they are saying about DEAD SARA, our first signed band.

Visit Our NEW 24/7 Interact-TV Web Channel: Interact-TV  WEB CHANNEL

Interact-TV, Incorporated

Interact-TV had previously been involved in the development of innovative software and products for the Home Entertainment Server market. If you are looking for Interact-TV products and Services go to: Http://Interact-TV.com (Notice: Interact-TV, Inc.  is no longer selling or servicing Telly Home Entertainment Servers. However,  Interact-TV will still be developing innovative new products for the television and home network such as the TellyMinder)

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